The Passionate Journey System

The Passionate Journey is an interactive divination system designed to initiate a conscious dialogue with your soul. The set of 44 cards, guide book and journal, has been created to take you on a journey to your own inner mystery. The Passionate Journey uses imagery, words, fragrances and journaling to access your own inner wisdom. This system unites you with your souls voice and your passionate creative self expression.

Card and Book Set $44.00


Passionate Journey Soul Fragrances

This set of eight fragrances have been designed to amplify the soul themes that are steps on The Passionate Journey. The fragrances are made with vibrational essences as well as the finest essential oils. Wear them on your body, use them in a bath, add them to an aromatherapy diffuser. Eight /.3 dram sample bottles per set.

The Passionate Journey Gift Cards

These 5x7 gift cards are images and poems that have been selected from the Passionate Journey deck of cards.

Card set includes the following eight images:

Opening, Birth, Freedom, Freeing the Ancestors, Eternity/Now, The Upper Room, Emerging, Reaching.

Set of eight 5x7 gift cards $16.00