About My Journey

I moved to Sedona in 1986, and my focus shifted from video production to the healing arts. My skill as an editor came back to serve me when I studied collage art with a local artist, and in the process of creating collages I realized I was making a series of images that would become the soul journey I envisioned a few years before. The images took a year and a half to make, and when they were completed I was able to put their meaning into words. Poetry emerged, and then a book that created a structure for working with the cards was born. The Passionate Journey became a reality, and I became the first traveler.

As I have grown myself and deepened my understanding of who I am as a being, I find that the real joy in life is in the process rather than the destination. The destination gives us the direction in which to travel, but it is the journey that brings us the beauty and knowledge of our own spirit and soul. My work is about embracing and understanding the journey that is our life, and in the process connecting with our spirit, creativity and passion. To me, this is the true nature of the spiritual journey.

The inner journey doesn’t have to be hard or outside of our everyday realm of experience.  For most of us it can’t be.  I invite you to use The Passionate Journey system as a way to connect to the inner world where your spirit dwells.  It is as simple or as detailed as you need and want.  You can use the images and words as a daily focus or you can delve into the soul themes and really explore your inner workings. Keeping a journal lets you uncover your personal journey, and over time your growth, purpose and passion emerge. The exploration of our spirit supports us to live our life to the fullest and manifest the creative passion within. It gives our life meaning in the living, and that is the greatest legacy we can leave to future generations. Traveling on the road of your Passionate Journey makes it that much easier for others to follow the path.