Passionate Journey Vibrational Garden Essences


Passionate Journey Vibrational Garden Essences

This set of sixteen essences have been designed to amplify the soul themes that are steps on The Passionate Journey. The essences are made in ceremony using the finest essential oils. Wear them on your body, use them in a bath, add them to an aromatherapy diffuser. Sixteen 1 oz glass bottles per set.

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The Garden Essences

Vibrational Essences designed to support Growth, Transformation and Spiritual Awareness.
Created in Sedona, Arizona throughout Spring, Summer and Fall.

What are Vibrational Essences?

    Everything in nature has a pattern. Many of these patterns have a resonance that have positive effects on the human energy system and can be used for healing and restoring balance. The energy of these patterns can be transmitted into water and preserved and used as healing agents.

    This is the principle used in homeopathy, Bach Flower Essences and many other forms of vibrational medicine that are available to us. Vibrational essences can restore our emotional well-being, balance our thoughts, open us to our creativity and inspiration and help activate our abilities to heal ourselves physically. The can support us into transforming into our optimal selves.

How do you choose a Vibrational Essence?

There are many ways to choose the correct essence for you. Trust what you are attracted to, whether it is in the name of the essence or the natural substance the essence is made from. The first and foremost way to choose is by using your intuition. That may include reading the description of the essence, holding the bottle in your hand to see how it makes you feel, dowsing or using a pendulum. If you have a practitioner or intuitive person available, they can assist you in making your selection. Take a few drops under your tongue or place a few drops on your wrists and hold them together. Notice how you feel after you use the essence. If it is the correct essence for you, you should be able to feel a change of some kind. It could be emotional or physical. Just be aware of yourself.

How and when do I take a Vibrational Essence?

You can ask your practitioner to give you a recipe that may include how many days/weeks to take it, how many times a day, how many drops, etc. It has a little alcohol in it, so if you are alcohol sensitive, you can put it in tea, in a warm bath, into a spray bottle to spray around your body, or on various energy points on the skin such as the wrists, acupuncture points or chakras. For those who  are not bothered by alcohol, drops under the tongue are the preferred method for taking it internally. If you don’t have anyone to prescribe for you, hold the bottle in your hand, close your eyes and ask for the answers yourself. It is a great way to exercise your intuition.

Also, just take it when you think about it, or notice you re feeling out of sorts. That is a very good way to get the dosage you need.

Here are some simple guidlines as to how to choose one of the Garden Essences for yourself.

For more indepth information about The Garden Essences, we recommend you also purchase The Garden Essence Book.

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Angelwing Mushroom, Arizona Toad, Cicada, Dragonfly, Fullmoon Raccoon, Grasshopper, Honey Bee, Hummingbird, Kuan Yin, Lizzard, Praying Mantis, Prickly Pear Cactus, Roadrunner, Scorpion, Sonoran Whipsnake, Tarantula, The Garden Essence Book, ~ FULL SET of 16 ~


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